Our Favorites!

Our team showcase all our favorite board games!  

Regen's Picks:

1. Mage Wars - Mage Wars is a mix of a miniatures game as well as a card game. The exciting difference is, you get to take out the RNG of drawing bad cards as you get to play your entire deck throughout the whole game!  You play with a  physical spellbook as a part of the components of the game which gives it a touch of realism as you battle on a grid arena.

2. Stone Age - Stone Age is a worker placement game where you allocate your workers as efficiently as possible in order to gather the resources you need to build various civilizations and buildings. The aim is to be efficient with your decisions, and hope that your resourcefulness will outmatch your opponent. It has all the decision-making that’s necessary for a good worker placement game, but not so much complexity as to make you overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.


3. Raptors - Raptors is a super-thematic, two player game where one player takes the role of the raptors in a jungle, while the other is a group of scientists trying to capture the baby raptors. Players like to describe it as Jurassic Park in tabletop form. Each player gets their exclusive role and you become dead set on accomplishing your objective. This creates the ultimate sense of rivalry, which is fitting for a competitive, two player game.

Lou's Picks:

1. Splendor - You play the role of a merchant aiming to impress the city’s nobles. You do so by building developments such as mines, roads, or artisans who will help you create more and more magnificent jewels. The first person to achieve 15 points through these developments and visits by nobles wins the game! Simple yet dynamic enough to make every game different and interesting. Plus, the coin pieces in the game feels like holding poker chips. 
2. Shards of Infinity - Shards of Infinity is a mix of a card drafting game and a little bit of engine building. Every player starts off with the same 10-card deck, each drawing 5 cards per turn and play their entire hand each turn. Through using crystals, players will be able to collect more powerful cards to add to their deck, which also changes your overall strategy of the game. The player who is able to bring your opponents’ life totals down to 0 and be the last one standing wins the game. Game ends are often dramatic and can come with twists and turns. 

3. Blue Lagoon - Blue Lagoon is a beautifully designed area control/set collection game by Blue Orange. Each player takes turn placing their settlers or huts on the various settlements, gathering resources in the process. The goal of the game is to score the most points after two phases of play, Exploration and Settlement. Having different resources and controlling various islands allow you to score points, the person with the most points after two rounds wins!
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