Frequently Asked Questions

What is a board game café?

A board game café is a place that serves food and beverages and also provides a space for its patrons to play board games. Relo’s Board Game & Dessert Café has a wide range of board games to choose from, and a great selection of drinks, savory shareables as well as decadent desserts!


How do I participate?

Once you’re inside Relo’s Café, you will be seated at a table and be shown our board game room. There is a $5 cover charge per person ($3 for kids under 10), and you get to stay for as long as you’d like and have full access to our entire board game library. Once you’ve chosen a board game, you may take it back to your seat where you can play the game with your group and also have your food there as well.


What if I’m not familiar with the board games?

We welcome everyone at Relo’s, irrespective of your board game experience! Part of what makes the board game experience so engaging is to be able to learn new games and try something new. The staff at Relo’s is there to help you pick out a game you’d enjoy, and we can also help you set up some of the games and go through the rules to some of our favorite games.

Can I bring my own games?

Yes, you can! The cover charge still applies for the use of the facility. Just make sure to keep your games separate from the café’s game collection.

Can we bring our own food or beverages?

We do not allow outside food or drinks inside our café.

Is there a cover charge if I don’t want to play games?
No, the cover charge is only applied if you wish to use the facility for gaming purposes. You may enjoy our desserts and the rest of our menu without paying the cover charge if you are not participating in games.
Do you have a list of your board game collection?
You can find our current list of available games on Board Game Geek. We are constantly updating our library, and we encourage recommendations to add to our collection in the suggestion box located in our board game room.

Do you host large groups or special events?
Yes! Feel free to contact us or fill out a form under the "Events” tab and someone will reach out as soon as possible.


Have any other questions we did not address? Email us at, or give us a call at 312-819-7356 (RELO).